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Four Reasons to Install a Ductless System

When it comes to dealing with HVAC systems, simplicity, efficiency and comfort are paramount. Ductless systems offer easy installation, straightforward maintenance and impressive energy efficiency. From new construction to modernizing retrofits, here are four reasons more people are going ductless.
1. Easy to Install
Ductless systems communicate directly to the outdoors through a pipe that connects between indoor and outdoor components. A team of professionals should be able to install your new unit within a couple of days.
2. Adaptable
Since there is no need for ductwork, these types of systems can be adapted to a wide variety of floor plans and unusually sized spaces. That makes these units especially ideal for additions and renovations, rooms that are difficult to heat and cool, and areas that you only use from time to time.
3. Energy Efficient
Wall heaters, baseboard heaters, and many other older style systems use much more electricity than modern ductless systems, saving on utility bills month after month.
4. Comfort
This is probably the most important consideration for homeowners! Because they are so easy to maintain, ductless systems are easily kept clean: that means better indoor air quality. Additionally, since these units are locally installed, they keep rooms the perfect temperature all year.
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