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Common Issues Associated With Boilers

A broken boiler will create an extreme inconvenience in your home. You need to get it fixed right away, and for most problems, an experienced professional will need to come out to address it.
  • No Hot Water - This is a common problem, and one you are going to notice right away. Sometimes the issue will be a result of a component within the boiler breaking. Other times, the problem lies within the thermostat.
  • Leaks - Leaks need to be addressed right away before your boiler floods the room where it is located. Leaks often develop because the pressure within the boiler has gotten too high. Occasionally, leaks are a sign that the inside of your boiler has begun to rust.
  • Weird Noises - Your boiler should run quietly for the most part. If you start hearing gurgling, whistling or banging sounds coming from inside your boiler, then it could be a sign of low water pressure. It could also be that a component has gotten loose and is banging around inside there.
Issues with the pilot light or an inability to maintain stable water pressure can also create chaos within your boiler. Above all else, it is vital that you fix the problem right away because it is not going to get better on its own. Find professionals who can help you, call Capitol Service Company in Little Rock at 501-224-1101.