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5 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance and Installation in the Spring

Technician - Engineer investigate Repairing Air Conditioner

In most United States climates, homeowners do not have a use for their air conditioning systems until the end of spring or the beginning of summer. Because you may not have started your air conditioner up for the first time this year, you may not have thought much about it yet.

However, you may not want to overlook the air conditioning opportunities of spring this year. Many HVAC experts recommend handling routine maintenance as well as upgrades during the spring.

In this blog, we list five common reasons to schedule air conditioning repairs, service, and new installation this spring.

1. Greater Expert Availability and Flexibility

Many homeowners handle home maintenance as it arises, including HVAC services. This pattern leads to trends in demand for expert help. For example, plumbers tend to be busier during the winter holidays when homeowners host guests and put more strain on their plumbing.

HVAC professionals tend to become most busy during the first heatwave and first cold snap of the year. When possible, schedule your spring inspection as well as any planned services before temperatures begin to climb.

This choice ensures that your schedule aligns with the availability of your preferred, reputable HVAC professional.

2. Decreased Spring Health Concerns

In some cases, the cleanliness of your air conditioner can contribute to seasonal allergies. Some examples include years when temperatures spike early so you have to turn the unit on during peak pollen season and homes where the entire HVAC system uses the same ducts.

If you or another member of your household has allergies, asthma, another respiratory condition, or a compromised immune system, schedule an air conditioner inspection and consider a cleaning in the spring. This choice reduces the amount of foreign particles circulating in your home's air.

3. Improved Unit Efficiency During the Peak Season

Many factors can affect the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, many which are not visible unless you know what to look for. A simple assessment during the spring can ensure that you handle any necessary repairs before you need your system to reach peak performance.

In addition to this inspection, prioritize secondary services such as repairs as well. For example, if your HVAC technician found a failed component in your unit, knowing that the component is unusable does not help you come summer unless you also commit to the repair during the spring.

4. Lower Product Costs and Higher Potential Discounts

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit or an upgrade to your existing unit, spring is often a smart time to make the investment. Due to the lower demand during the off-season, you are more likely to find product deals and discounts.