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4 Benefits of Having Your AC Ducts Cleaned

The air filters at each intake vent of your AC system are there, theoretically, to keep dust and other contaminants from entering the system, collecting in the ducts and being dispersed throughout your home. But whether your filters haven't been changed in a while and dust is starting to sneak through or your ducts are a bit leaky and they're drawing unfiltered air into the system through cracks, dust can still get in and mess things up. 

Of course, this doesn't happen to every system at the same rate, so many experts don't recommend having your ducts cleaned annually unless they show signs of actually being dirty. But if they are dirty inside, your ducts definitely need to be cleaned because the distribution of contaminants can have ill effects on both your AC system and your health.

Here are four benefits of having dirty HVAC ducts cleaned.

1. Energy Savings and System Longevity

If you've ever cleaned a dirty refrigerator coil, you probably know that the refrigerator has to work harder to keep your food cool when it's working through a layer of dust. Your AC unit is the same way. If enough dust gets into the ductwork, it can coat the AC coil and make it harder for the cooling process to happen.

When the cooling process gets less efficient, your AC unit works harder, longer hours trying to keep you cool. You can relieve this stress and strain and reduce the energy needed to cool your house by having the ducts cleaned out so they'll stop coating the AC coil (and of course have the coil itself cleaned off too).

2. Fewer Allergic Reactions

The less dust, dander and pollen you have blowing through your house, the easier life will be for anyone who has hay fever, asthma or a similar condition. Instead of investing in expensive air-cleaning tools, you can simply try having the layers of dust cleaned out of your air distribution system, which can work wonders for allergy sufferers.

Of course, depending on the severity and sensitivity of the allergies, you may still need to supplement with air cleaning machines, but they won't have to work as hard if they're not actively working against your HVAC system.

3. Protection From Contaminants

Even if you don't have allergies, exposure to high levels of mold spores can sometimes cause a mold allergy to develop. Protecting yourself from mold should definitely be a top priority; if the air coming from the vents smells musty, you should suspect a mold problem and get the ducts cleaned right away. 

You'll also need to use duct cleaning for protection from contaminants if your house has recently received an abatement treatment such as lead abatement or if you've recently had an addition built or a renovation done and the contractors didn't protect the intake vents as well as they should have.

4. No More Pest Problems

Sometimes, before pests actually show up in your kitchen, they'll live in your attic or basement for weeks or months — or even in your ductwork. Whether you've heard suspicious sounds coming from the system or you've actually seen droppings or other evidence (or even if there's just a bad smell that makes you think there might be pests), a professional ductwork cleaning could be just what you need.

As you can see, duct cleaning can be helpful in a variety of circumstances, from pest infestations to mold problems to leaky ducts to even just neglected air filters that let lots of dust in. No matter what type of AC service you're looking for, Capitol Service Company Inc. is here to help. Go ahead and contact us today for a free estimate.